How Much Does It Cost To Implement AI In The Newsroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Implement AI In The Newsroom?

Many of the AI ​​computing tools that journalists use today were not designed specifically for journalism. AI has been used in computer science, statistics, engineering and finance for a long time. In spite of this fact, AI is being actively deployed in journalism. Journalists use different programs based on AI to edit information, make brief analysis and summarize texts, search for the necessary information, as well as for moderation and patterns identification. Obviously, journalists are realizing that the news production can be greatly improved and simplified with the help of AI. At this point, we can conclude that the evolution of the news market is moving towards much greater focus on AI as a tool for editing and analyzing information, developing recommendations, searching for information and identifying trends. Moreover, automated journalism depends on precise, accurate and structured data.

There is a fundamental false belief about AI that this technology is very expensive and is only available to large multinational corporations, and the smaller business will not be able to afford it for a very long time. It is very important for newsrooms to understand, whether it is profitable to deploy AI or not.

Based on the research conducted by TFH AI Analysts, the cost of implementing AI in the newsroom varies from $7 per month for Amazon Lexa and Smart moderation programs to $1500 per month for the Wibbitz program. Each individual journalist or editorial staff can choose the programs at suitable prices. For some programs, the prices depend on the number of requests or transactions. For example, the Clarifai image recognition program costs $1.2 for 1000 operations, the speech recognition program and Amazon Lex natural language processing technology costs $0.004 for one voice call and just $0.00075 for one text request. Therefore, the more requests and operations a journalist needs, the more he pays. It is also easy for journalists to find free AI-based programs, such as Google Assistant and ClaimBuster.

The approximate cost of maximizing the full implementation of AI in the editorial board will be about $2500 per month. It is not too much for business. The number can vary depending on what programs are chosen and how often the journalist intends to use them. For this sum of money it is possible to deploy the AI-based programs for editing, analyzing and summarizing data, the AI tools for searching for information and identifying trends, for creating visual content, converting audio and video materials into text, and the fact-checking programs.

AI is not fiction anymore. It is moving from realm to reality and becomes affordable. Now each journalist can choose the AI-based programs due to his preferences and financial opportunities.