Best Crypto Memes of the Week

Ethereum continues to go down. Now ETH price is only $207 and a couple of weeks ago it fell dramatically and even hit record low — $172.


However, it's still to early to cry for ether and sell it. Take your time — CEO Ethereum Vitalik Buterin will take care of this.


The market's fever is breaking. Experts are still doubting whether to believe in crypto or not, countries keep clamping down on ICO and cryptocurrencies, bitcoin-ETF is not likely to be approved in the near future. Bitcoin is not having the best time too. But in comparison with ETH, the main cryptocurrency is recovering and right now you can buy it for $6467. The promising trend!

We could not stay away from new iphone release. New models cost a fortune. To make prices look better, count them in bitcoins.

Remember: do not invest in crypto more than you can afford to lose. Have a good weekend!