Best Crypto Memes of the Past Week

Best Crypto Memes of the Past Week

1. One of the shots from post-apocalyptic thriller “Bird Box” which became a Netflix’s hit movie has turned into a fresh meme (a picture above). It illustrates what misunderstanding between crypto players and ordinary speculators that do not really admire blockchain looks like.


2. Last week the bitcoin’s price fell to 3600$ level and now went down again, so it costs 3545$ at this moment. Avid hodlers do not get upset and prefer to make fun of cryptocurrencies. Though, according to the graph below, they are totally desperate.



3. Hot news served as a basis for crypto memes too. The hacker’s attack on Ethereum Classic did not disappear into thin air. Seems like ETC will never be the same again (maybe that is a good thing).



4. The TRON cryptocurrency showed sufficient growth at the beginning of the year and yet it keeps rising. Now TRON is about to outperform Litecoin and Tether by the size of market capitalization. Let’s wait and follow it.



5. And here is what ICO investing is like


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