2018 in Numbers

2018 in Numbers

The crypto market’s capitalization decreased 6,5 times as much. At the beginning of January, it was 835 billion dollars at its peak. Now the capitalization is only 128 billion dollars.


The number of mentions of bitcoin’s death reached 90. Last year the main cryptocurrency “died” more often - 127 times.


Four crypto exchanges were hacked: Coincheck, Coinrail, Bithumb, Bitgrail.


The monthly amount of money raised by ICOs shrunk by 90% in comparison with that of January 2018. At the beginning of the year, crypto euphoria reached its peak as ICO projects attracted record high amount of funds globally - 2 432 000 000$. This December ICOs collected only 300 million dollars.


For the first time in history, two ICO projects raised more than 1 billion dollars funds: EOS (4,25 billion) and Telegram (1,7 billion).



The hackers stole almost 1 billion dollars from crypto exchanges this year (927 million dollars). More than a half was taken from Coincheck - 530 million dollars. Another research says that the hackers appropriated 882 million dollars.


Everyday total revenue of miners dropped from 46 900$ to 7650$. Here is the graph of the total value of coinbase block rewards and transaction fees.



The estimated transaction value was maximum on December 4 - 629 491 BTC. Last time it was on the same level in 2015. Here is the graph of the total estimated value of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain (does not include coins returned to sender as change).