The main news of the week

The main news of the week

1. Malta maintains a brand image of a «blockchain hub» - the country has passed three bills into law that establish a regulatory framework for crypto industry. Now Malta is the first jurisdiction to provide legal certainty to the blockchain sector.

2. Uzbekistan surprises us – the president of the country has signed a decree on the development of digital economy. Now in Uzbekistan you don’t have to worry about taxes on operations with crypto – they are now canceled.

3. Indian crypto enthusiasts are fighting with Central Bank. Since financial firms were banned from dealing with crypto, the Reserve Bank of India received dozens of petitions and complaints. However, the law hasn’t been changed. Bad luck for crypto players.

4. Russians now mine less crypto than they used to – mining equipment is collecting dust in the stores. Bitcoin’s value is down and mining is becoming more complicated – it’s no wonder that citizens of Russia decided to do something else.

5. The coalition of 5 countries (J5) declares war on unscrupulous taxpayers from crypto industry. The USA, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK have united to keep an eye on your bitcoins.

6. Blockchain voting system has been successfully tested in Zug. If there won’t be any problems with it in the future, Swiss citizens will be able to take part in the elections without leaving their homes. They will only have to use a special app on their smartphones.

7. The United Kingdom needs a new hero – a Chief Blockchain Officer. That’s what Eddie Hughes, the member of Conservative party, claimed in a report released by Financial Conduct Authority (FSA).