Fights, Cards, Islands and Artificial Intelligence

Fights, Cards, Islands and Artificial Intelligence

1/ Fintech and blockchain island. Not Malta

The island nation of Bermuda is attracting the most innovative companies in one of the most disruptive industries. Here's how they are doing it.

2/ More than just cards

Mastercard has unveiled a series of initiatives targeting an array of industries and services—including new platforms geared toward the healthcare and fintech sectors, and a blockchain-enabled partnership designed to increase the transparency of companies' supply chains. The company has launched a new platform called Accelerate that’s designed to serve as an end-to-end solution for the fintech firms that rely on its services — enabling such clients to fast-track the issuance of cards and more easily integrate with Mastercard’s array of services and technology.

3/ Microsoft vs. Amazon

The Pentagon awarded Microsoft the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, contract that could be worth up to $10 billion over the next decade. Amazon, which already provides cloud services to the Central Intelligence Agency, was widely seen as the front-runner. Microsoft’s win is one of the most public examples, to date, showing that it poses a serious threat to Amazon’s dominance.

4/ Fool the system

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has developed a state-of-the-art “de-identification” system that works on video, including even live video. It works by altering key facial features of a video subject in real time using machine learning, to trick a facial recognition system into improperly identifying the subject. You can see how it works in this video.