Best crypto memes of this week

The hype around Bitcoin-ETF decreased but only for some time. Crypto experts and enthusiasts continue disputing when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) will approve applications. 


At the same time bulls are crying, bears are triumphing. Today bitcoin hit weekly low — its price dropped below $6370. Ethereum plunged too and now costs $220. We told you about possible reasons for this before.


And here is one of potential bitcoin crashers — a famous bank Goldman Sachs. Yesterday the news that this bank postponed its decision to open a crypto exchange appeared yesterday. Authorative media sources Business Insider and Reuters wrote about this. Today Chief Financial Officer of The Goldman Sachs Group Martin Chavez called this information fake news. Well, smart move. Most likely, crypto whales are buying up bitcoins right now, so the main cryptocurrency's price will go up soon. The time will show.


Crypto players have to sacrifice something all the time.